Fear and loathing in Las Vegas: VMworld 2016!

VMworld 2016: We can’t stop here, this is bat country! It’s that time again! VMworld 2016 is coming closer and changed venue: we are going to Bat Country aka Las Vegas! Something new for me this year: as a vExpert VMware asked me as one of the official independent bloggers. Pretty stoked with being able to […]

Pure live: accelerate possible

If you can spare half a workday and can convince your boss to get educated on the next generation of converged infrastructure I would strongly encourage you to attend this event. If not for the technology it is also an excellent opportunity to network with your peers and meet some of the smart heads from Pure who flew in from the US. Have fun!

Virtualb.eu VMware 6.2 Updates Series 1 – vSphere Key Feature overview


It’s been a little while that VMware announced VSAN 6.2 and I as I was busy I followed the news on the sideline. The well know bloggers madee their mandatory posts. All is good and the product has an awesome new feature set. The usual VMware release cycle I would call it. So now that I had some time on my hands I looked a bit deeper into the well know big features that came out and that were long awaited: deduplication and compression.

From the vTrenches: VMworld Barcelona

[jamiesocial] VMworld Barcelona ole ole! I was just about getting ready for my second day at VMworld Barcelona few weeks ago when I started writing this post. I must say the first day was a complete blast. It was my first VMworld and it was a great experience! My favorite place was the Solutions Exchange […]

Installing VMware vCenter Multi Hypervisor Manager v1.0

Overview Recently VMware converted a little project that started off as a Fling into a full vCenter plugin: vCenter Multi Hypervisor Manager. There wasn’t a lot of marketing buzz around the new plugin and I only noticed it when I downloaded the binaries to upgrade my vCenter server to version 5.1uB. Because of the bet I talked […]

2012: A bet was made…

I think it was mid 2012 when myself and Scott Drummonds from EMC on one of our weekly runs in Mac Ritchie reservoir in Singapore started talking about Microsoft releasing Hyper-V v3 and what the possible impact on the virtualization market could be. The conversation turned towards the co-existence of different hypervisors and thinking out […]

vSphere 5.1 licensing

Just a quick post to point to Wee Kiongs blog regarding the new licensing in vSphere 5.1. Changes quite a bit, check it out here: http://plain-virt.blogspot.be/2012/08/vsphere-5-51-licensing.html

Clean up unwanted plug-ins from vCenter

We all were in a situation before where you test run an OVF or vAPP and after the trial period ends you end up removing the VM’s from your lab infra but the plugins stay registered in vCenter and come up with errors because the original vAPP the refer to is not  there anymore. This […]

VMware vSphere 5 Memory Management and Monitoring diagram

Found this awesome memory monitoring diagram on the VMware website today. This is what you want handy when troubleshooting memory related performance issues on your vSphere hosts. Good stuff. Good addition to the vReference diagrams for vSphere 5. You can find it here. (And its even free.) This is how it looks:

A fling … a brief casual relationship

I was at the VMware Champions Boot Camp in Bali last week and the VMware speakers were encouraging us to check out the VMware labs website where you can find temp software bits that can help you with daily administration of vSphere and a whole lot of other things. Checked it out and definitely worth […]

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