2012 Linkedin data breach exposes 100 million Linkedin accounts

2016-05-27: Linkedin reveals user data exposure was bigger than predicted after 2012 data breach Last Wednesday Linkedin made a surprise announcement that hit the online security community like a bomb. If you think it couldn’t get worse after the 2012 Linkedin hack which exposed approximately 6,5 million users. The crew responsible for the initial attack had […]

2012: A bet was made…

I think it was mid 2012 when myself and Scott Drummonds from EMC on one of our weekly runs in Mac Ritchie reservoir in Singapore started talking about Microsoft releasing Hyper-V v3 and what the possible impact on the virtualization market could be. The conversation turned towards the co-existence of different hypervisors and thinking out […]

VMware vSphere 5 Memory Management and Monitoring diagram

Found this awesome memory monitoring diagram on the VMware website today. This is what you want handy when troubleshooting memory related performance issues on your vSphere hosts. Good stuff. Good addition to the vReference diagrams for vSphere 5. You can find it here. (And its even free.) This is how it looks:

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