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Pure Accelerate Live Possible

Pure Storage is coming to show you what’s next in all-flash storage technology.

As most of you know I have been working for Pure for 2 years now as virtualizaton architect for the past 2 years. I never mention much about Pure as a company on this blog. Reason for this: this is a technology blog that has always been reviewing products from dfferent vendors and we will keep doing so. Best example I guess is that my HP counterpart in Singapore is blogging on here too.

That being said if I see something interesting happening at Pure (what happens all the time) and I am allowerd to talk about it (what nearly ever happens) I don’t belive its unethical to highlight it. I would do the same for any other company,. Feel free to comment if you disagree, its a thin line. I realize that but I write about my passion and that is technology, not politics.

Why this post

The reason to interrupt the vSphere 6.2 series I was writing is to point you, as the reader to the fact that Pure is travelling every continent showcasing the latest product cooperation between Cisco, VMware and Pure: a smaller version of the Pure FlashStack called the FlashStack Mini. The product is aiming at small to medium businesses that aim to set up an easy to manage, converged infrastructure. The cool part is that the infrastructure can grow with the business as the business scales. Like FlashStack the MiniMe is using best of breed technology from the 3 market leaders in their respective segments. This is what it looks like to give you an idea:


Where, how and what?

I won’t go into the complete technology stack detail in this post, I might in the future as I will be setting it up in our Singapore lab. So if you are interested in the solution I would encourage you to spend some time to go talk to the Pure folks during the APAC roadshow. The Australian roadshows are this week but these are the dates and locations for the ASEAN region:


Date City
26 May 2016 Taiwan
24 May 2016 Singapore
25 May 2016 Kuala Lumpur
31 May 2016 Jakarta
2 June 2016 Hanoi


To register in your ASEAN location just follow the below link and register. Have fun getting educated on a fully integrated and automated converged stack of technology joy!


If you can spare half a workday and can convince your boss to get educated on the next generation of converged infrastructure I would strongly encourage you to attend this event. If not for the technology it is also an excellent opportunity to network with your peers and meet some of the smart heads from Pure who flew in from the US. Have fun!

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