vSphere VCSA 5.5 non disruptive upgrade to 6.0

Hi, just for Christmas I thought I'd share a little screen capture movie I made when I was upgrading my vCenter Appliance to vSphere 6. Previously this would be an in place upgrade and if you are running dVS it would become messy as you had to export the configuration and try to import it […]

Inaugural VMUG Leadership Summit @ VMware campus

What? This week the VMware campus in Palo Alto (where a lot of the R&D happens) was the venue for the inaugural VMUG Leadership Summit. The summit is a gathering of all customer leaders worldwide who were invited by VMware for 2 days of brainstorming and knowledge exchange with the sole purpose to enhance the user […]

VMUG Global Leadership Summit 2015 + Virtualb.eu update

VMUG Global Update Couple of exciting days ahead for me: tomorrow and Friday I will be attending the VMUG Global leadership summit 2015 in Santa Clara, California. VMware has been so nice to invite one leader from each chapter worldwide to come to the VMware campus in Palo Alto for a day of brainstorming around […]

DevOps in 30 min. Ansible

Introduction Ansible is simple, has a very low learning curve, and is just pleasant and intuitive to use. You don’t have to install a client or anything special on the children nodes (assuming they have Python 2.6 or greater installed – which most popular Linux distros do), so you can be up and running nearly […]

Homelab – The All-in-Onster – Part I

Foreword Readers who happen to know me may know that I have been in the lab game for some time now but only fairly recently made a serious contribution to my power bill by kitting out a 19" rack mount server with a couple of CPUs, a dozen or so memory sticks and a 4 […]

Container Orchestration using CoreOS and Kubernetes

A quick post, on a not to be missed workshop on modern container orchestration using CoreOS and Kubernetes. This meetup event was organized by Brian Redbeard from CoreOS: “The last couple of years have seen a fundamental shift in application automation built on top of Linux containers. As more organizations take containers into production, the demand for […]

OpenStack Tokyo Summit sessions – Day 3

Hi from OpenStack Tokyo Summit, here my summary of Day 3.  If you are interested to build some of the hands-On-Labs posted in this blog, please send us a question here, I will help to you to build your labs. During the Summit, it was announced a new certification, Certified OpenStack Administrator with a six-month training […]

OpenStack Tokyo Summit sessions – Day 2

Hi from OpenStack Tokyo Summit, here my summary of Day 2. As mentioned yesterday, this year I’m spending most of time on hands on sessions on the new OpenStack projects, like Octavia , Manila or Designate. Today I attended a nice session about BOSH and Cloud Foundry,  the session provide nice information to get started in this […]

OpenStack Tokyo Summit sessions – Day 1

The OpenStack Tokyo Summit started today. There are lots and lots of really interesting things going on… This year I’m focused on hands on sessions, new OpenStack projects and automation tools.   Here are the links of my curated technical sessions I have attended today: NOTE: In subsequent posts I will  add more details of […]

DevOps in 30 min. The Lab Setup

You can build your lab environments using Virtual Box , Vagrant, or in public cloud using AWS, Azure or even RavelloSystems. The lab for our DevOps lab is independent of the platform that you prefer to use. I’ll be launching 3-4 fresh VMs on VMware Workstation and they will all use Ubuntu 14.04 x64: master […]

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