Freebies: Debian Administrator Handbook

I’ve always been a big fan of the Debian Nix distro. I love the package management system, the fact that you can basically customize it exactly they way you like it. Even if you would love to run it embedded on your electronic toothbrush you would probably be able to compile a kernel for it […]

A List of FREE VMware vSphere Tools

Kendrick Coleman compiled and maintained a list of free VMware tools. I was thinking of doing the same thing on this site but why do the same thing twice.. Kendrick also maintains an ISO with VMware tools that are quit interesting to work on guest os’s (remove drivers after p2v, remove non present devices, etc..) […]

VCOPS – vCenter Operations technical training slide deck

Been traveling through the region the last few weeks so didn’t have time to update as much as I would like to. Back in base camp Singapore now and been looking at VCOPS 5 again for monitoring vSphere. I had the pleasure to see Iwan Rahabok give a presentation on the subject a few times […]

VMware vSphere 5 Memory Management and Monitoring diagram

Found this awesome memory monitoring diagram on the VMware website today. This is what you want handy when troubleshooting memory related performance issues on your vSphere hosts. Good stuff. Good addition to the vReference diagrams for vSphere 5. You can find it here. (And its even free.) This is how it looks:

Weekly Random Post

Been quit a productive week both at work and studying. Read up on storage multi pathing both native on vSphere and vendor plugin and came to the conclusion that for the project I am working on right now I am going to install EMC PowerPath. vSphere has the Round Robin native multipath storage plugin but […]

A fling … a brief casual relationship

I was at the VMware Champions Boot Camp in Bali last week and the VMware speakers were encouraging us to check out the VMware labs website where you can find temp software bits that can help you with daily administration of vSphere and a whole lot of other things. Checked it out and definitely worth […]

Install VMware tools in CentOS (or any linux distro)

VMware (and other software companies) have been and are increasingly packaging a lot of their Virtual Appliances within different linux distros like CentOS, Suse Linux Enterprise, Debian, etc Most of the time these appliances come either with no or outdated VMware tools installed. This is just a quick quick tutorial to mount and install VMware […]

vCenter on DVS: Chicken or the egg syndrome.

I’ve been following the lively discussions on what happens when you install vCenter (VC) as a VM and then create a Distributed Virtual Switch (DVS) on which you attach your vCenter management port group. As we all know the configuration for the VDS happens on the VC. So what happens when your VC gets restarted […]

Windows 2008 Core AD installation

I recently set up a new Windows 2008 domain controller on the Server Core installation of Windows 2008. These are my configuration steps after installing the basic Server Core to set up an AD DC in a new forest, DNS server and the basic management bits and pieces to get you rock and rolling in […]

Virtual B = me

Yet another technology blog, primarily focused on VMware, Citrix and Microsoft technologies. These pages are my online reference to interesting articles, KB’s, video’s or whatever I stumble upon as I go through my professional life as a system engineer/architect working in the virtualization space.

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