Fear and loathing in Las Vegas: VMworld 2016!

VMworld 2016: We can’t stop here, this is bat country!


It’s that time again!

VMworld 2016 is coming closer and changed venue: we are going to Bat Country aka Las Vegas! Something new for me this year: as a vExpert VMware asked me as one of the official independent bloggers. Pretty stoked with being able to do more interviews and get access to more people and content so follow this site as I will be posting every day live…
and now for something completely different!  This week something unexpected happened..(click bait lol)

TopVblog2016 announcements came in!

And, really to my surprise we ended up ranking #47 so we made top 50! I am really happy with the result and I want to thank everybody that took the time to vote on virtualb.eu. I started the site in 2012 and I never thought I would ever rank in the top 50 so it’s a pretty good feeling being rewarded by my peers for the work you put in the blog. So thanks again for your vote and we will try to expand and improve content coming year so your vote counted!

Now back to Las Vegas!

Click on the banner to go the VMworld 2016 registration page. As you can see both US and Europe dates are on the banner.

So why would you attend?

VMworld has changed venues from The Moscone Center in San Fran to Las Vegas which gives you the opportunity to visit bat country (if you don’t know what I mean by that I can recommend the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” or read the book by the late Hunter S Thompson). This completely aside the good folks at VMware every year offer you information about why you should go and a motivational letter you can use to convince your boss. You can find the necessary information here. What I normally enjoy is the networking with peers, the VMware announcements, the vendor area with the latest and greatest marketing goodies and info and of course the sessions!

VMworld 2016 session catalog

I waited a month to create this post just for the session catalog to come out so I could add the list of sessions. The session catalog released last week. You can find it on the VMware blogs or by clicking on the image below.


A multitude of great sessions, make sure you reserve a spot in time. I always like the panel discussions, expert deep dives and definitely attend Sunny Dua’s session on vRealize vRops.


So what are you waiting for?

Great venue, awesome program, world top virtualization experts and lots of interesting vendors showcasing the latest and greatest in technology. All of that and the chance to do the road trip of your live and relive Hunter S Thompson’s novel (I strongly recommend against the substance use but if you do so alcohol should to the trick just fine) So start convincing your boss and if you already did so I will see you there.

Small tip

The Luxor hotel, right next to the venue is about 1/3 of the price of the staying at the venue so you might want to consider staying there to save some cash!

One conclusion after this post: Pack the bags and Bat Country here we come!

vmworld 2016

vmworld 2016

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