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    VCAP-DCA exam prep + Singapore VMUG

    I've been working on my VCAP-DCA preparation for the last few months and I must say it's a challenging exam ... there is a lot of information to be soaked up and a lot of lab hours to be spent. I have been using my own lab, the VMware ASEAN lab and also Project NEE labs. I really like what VMware has done with project NEE and its a great resource if you want to get hands on experience but you don't have the lab at home. The only downpoint to Project NEE is that its a) not persistent (eg VM's get deleted after exercises), b) not customisable (eg. you do what is in the exercises) and c) you don't get any change to actual installations (everything is pre-installed for you). Not sure if the last one is a minus point as setting up infrastructure do run tests can be extremely time consuming! Find Project Nee sign in and registration page here. 

    On another note I organized another Singapore VMUG meeting last July. The attendance was great (highest we ever had) and we had all 3 Singapore VCDX come down and talk about Advanced and Expert VMware certification. We were able to give away a free 5-day, Instructor Led Advanced vSphere course to a lucky attendant and all in all it was a great sharing event. View a blog post from one of your attendants on the event right here. 

    A couple of pictures from the event:

    Sathish Murthy from Nimble Storage and Tan Sin Lip from CommVault Q&A session

    Sathish Murthy from Nimble Storage and Tan Sin Lip from CommVault Q&A session

    VMUG 12th of July @ Pan Pacific

    VMUG 12th of July @ Pan Pacific


    Biggest audience we had so far with over 80 participants!

    Thanks to our sponsors VMware Education, Nimble Storage and Commvault and of course our awesome Singapore VCDX's:

    - James Wirth

    - Benham Chia

    - Gang Zhang

    Lets hope the next event is equally as successful and thanks to the participants for showing up!

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    VCP-IAAS exam passed:I have become VCP-Cloud

    Thought I'd write a quick review of the VCP-IaaS exam I passed recently. First of all the VCP-IaaS exam is only available for people that are currently certified as VCP-DVC (Data Center Virtualization)  Passing the IaaS exam earns them the VCP-Cloud certification. If you don't hold the VCP-DVC you will have to pass the VCP-Cloud exam which has a more broad approach and covers both vCloud Director (vCD) and vSphere. This for the obvious reason that vCloud Director is nothing more than an abstraction layer on top of the vSphere product suite.

    All in all a very straight forward exam: vCloud Director - you need to know vCD to the details but that alone won't cut it: as mentioned above you need to be VCP-DVC to be able to answer several questions on the engine of vCloud Director: VMware vSphere.

    The exam itself took a bit more that an hour and a quarter to complete although I was allocated two hours. (The perks of being a non native English speaker.) There were 85  questions to be answered, some of them very straightforward multiple choice questions other were a bit more "challenging".

    I used the Trainsignal video's, John Arrasjids VCAT toolkit and the little book John kindly presented to us on one of the Singapore VMUG's last year: Cloud Computing with VMware vCloud Director (Short topics in system administration - Volume 24)

    Other that that the normal VMware resources were used: vCD installation and management guide  and of course numerous blog posts on the technical blogs that are available to get some more insight in some of the more complicated chapters. (The like of Yellowbricks and of course my favorite Frank Denneman.)

    I also created a vCloud director implementation in my home lab as described by Dave Davis in the Trainsignal videos. (Although I used nested ESXi servers instead of using the actual pHosts - not to compromise my lab environment by adding vShield to it - been there, done that.)

    I cannot stress the fact enough to have hands on experience before taking this exam, let that be clear! You will need it to answer questions on specific settings in the GUI and to differentiate between vSphere and vCloud configuration items.

    Take some advice from me: build it, configure it, break it and rebuild it. That's the easiest and most fun way of learning vCloud!

    Now for the next hurdle on the certification track: VCAP-DCA.


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    Updated the VCAP-DCD page...and passed the exam!

    I finally found some time to update the VCAP-DCD page page on this website. (// I added a study guide Iwan and myself produced based on the exam blueprint and the official VMware configuration guides. It is not complete yet but it contains the two most relevant sections: storage and networking. Feel free to add to the guide and repost it here so it can stay updated, if not you can just use it a study guide...enjoy!

    And yes I passed the exam a month ago, also changed jobs and set up the VMUG in Singapore so I've been busy as crazy but good busy.. I guess. 🙂

    Up to the VCAP-DCA!

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