VIRTUALB.EU VMWARE 6.2 UPDATE SERIES 2: From vSphere Virtual Switch to NSX 6.2 Part 1

A little bit of VMware virtual networking history Virtual networking has come a long way. Started off with VMware workstation 1.0 to GSX and ESX a brief interlude on ESXi and finally landing on a control plane on the vCenter. With the coming of NSX VMware has taken this even further and distributed the components […] VMware 6.2 Updates Series 1 – vSphere Key Feature overview


It’s been a little while that VMware announced VSAN 6.2 and I as I was busy I followed the news on the sideline. The well know bloggers madee their mandatory posts. All is good and the product has an awesome new feature set. The usual VMware release cycle I would call it. So now that I had some time on my hands I looked a bit deeper into the well know big features that came out and that were long awaited: deduplication and compression.

vSphere VCSA 5.5 non disruptive upgrade to 6.0

Hi, just for Christmas I thought I'd share a little screen capture movie I made when I was upgrading my vCenter Appliance to vSphere 6. Previously this would be an in place upgrade and if you are running dVS it would become messy as you had to export the configuration and try to import it […]

Optimizing vSphere 6 WebClient Performance: Tips and Tricks

Intro I get quite a number of questions from customers on the vSphere web client versus the C+ (fat) client. Of course we all know that the web client should have been HTML5 (for example the Pure GUI and vSphere Web Client integration use pure HTML5) but for some reason VMware chose Flash for the […]

A week in IT – top vBlog nomination, vSphere 6 VCP beta exams and Great App update!

++ vBlog update ++ A bit of mixed post this week but it has been an eventful week. First and foremost I would like to thank all people that voted on my blog in the top vSphere-Land vBlog 2015 contest. It was the first time I was featured on vLaunchpad and I ended up in […]

vSphere 5 is dead, long live vSphere 6 –’s overview of the new platform.

VMware today announced  the new version of its flagship product: VMware vSphere 6.  According to my sources the GA date off the product will be March 2015. It has been since July 12, 2011  that a major release (vSphere 5 – not counting vSphere 5.5 as a major release) of VMware’s flagship product has been made available to […]

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