Pure live: accelerate possible

If you can spare half a workday and can convince your boss to get educated on the next generation of converged infrastructure I would strongly encourage you to attend this event. If not for the technology it is also an excellent opportunity to network with your peers and meet some of the smart heads from Pure who flew in from the US. Have fun!

Virtualb.eu VMware 6.2 Updates Series 1 – vSphere Key Feature overview


It’s been a little while that VMware announced VSAN 6.2 and I as I was busy I followed the news on the sideline. The well know bloggers madee their mandatory posts. All is good and the product has an awesome new feature set. The usual VMware release cycle I would call it. So now that I had some time on my hands I looked a bit deeper into the well know big features that came out and that were long awaited: deduplication and compression.

Pure Storage’s commodity driven hardware = Pushing the cloud acceleration

A few years ago I had a weekly running routine here in Singapore with one of the senior execs of one of the storage giants who happened to be a good friend of mine. We found a nice 10k jungle track we regulary ran to stay in shape and in the mean time we disucessed […]

Homelab – The All-in-Onster Part IV – Docker and KVM

Foreword Today's post will be short and snappy, lots of code, little boring text. I will just be installing KVM and Docker, marry both with our ZFS installation and run a quick test on each just to make sure everything works as expected.

Homelab – The All-in-Onster – Part III – ZFS

Foreword For some time now I have been fascinated with the abilities of ZFS. In the recent past I had been using FreeNAS as a virtual file server to speed up my VM storage access. Despite running on pretty much ancient hardware and really slow SATA disks, it performed really well. This was largely due […]

Let “el Diablo” pimp out your server – with 8TB of memory…or not?

Intro I just love Flash technology: it has been changing the dynamics in the storage industry since it was introduced years and years ago and as it becomes more economical and readily available it is changing the way we architect our hardware solutions today. Luckily enough I find myself at the forefront of the Flash revolution working for Pure […]

10 Question Series: Cormac Hogan VMware Corporate Storage Architect

In this 10 question series we have a chat with Cormac Hogan, I am sure Cormac doesn’t mind I used the image from a customised vSphere web client depicting him as Cormac the Grey, master of the VSAN as it tells a lot about him! (Image courtesy virtuallyghetto.com). Cormac was VMware hire #2 in Ireland […]

Pernixdata FVP 2.5 GA

Last month Pernixdata revealed version 2.5 of their Flash hypervisor product: Pernixdata FVP. I have discussed Pernixdata FVP in greater detail in a previous blog posts on the availability of the first release of the Flash Acceleration platform. What’s new? The 2.5 release comes with following new features: DFTM-Z – With Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory […]

PernixData FVP v1.0 GA

I wrote about PernixData FVP in a previous post and its great to see the folks at PernixData have been able to knock out v1.0 of their Flash Virtualization Platform which is about to be GA tomorrow, 6th of August. I enjoyed working with the team feeding back information during the Beta period and I have […]

Pernixdata FVP Beta: Installing the solution

Installing Pernixdata FVP In my former post on Pernixdata FVP I talked a little bit about the conceptual approach towards Server Side Caching and the obvious advantages this brings to a virtualized environment. In this second post on the PernixData Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP) Beta I am going to have a look at installing and configuring the product […]

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