QNAP TS 451+ and virtual machines – Virtualization Station

Introduction I recently bought a TS 451+ with 4 Hitachi NAS drives for a reasonable price at Sim Lim. Took me a few days to transfer all content from the old to the new box and set up everything the way I like (Plex for LAN media streaming, PhotoStation, iTunes server, the usual suspects). One of […]

6 Node GlusterFS cluster and dd

Quick and dirty geek post today! Just for Benjamin who was eager to see how I killed my Laptop! 🙂 In the aforementioned laptop disaster I had build 6 CentOS VMs with 2GB RAM each in Virtualbox. The laptop itself sports a modest 8GB of main memory. While I built the VMs and set up GlusterFS all […]

Homelab – The All-in-Onster Part IV – Docker and KVM

Foreword Today's post will be short and snappy, lots of code, little boring text. I will just be installing KVM and Docker, marry both with our ZFS installation and run a quick test on each just to make sure everything works as expected.

Homelab – The All-in-Onster – Part III – ZFS

Foreword For some time now I have been fascinated with the abilities of ZFS. In the recent past I had been using FreeNAS as a virtual file server to speed up my VM storage access. Despite running on pretty much ancient hardware and really slow SATA disks, it performed really well. This was largely due […]

Homelab – The All-in-Onster – Part II – Build Time

Foreword or "Frequent failures make you a humble man"   And so it begins. The basic lab hardware has not changed from the old ESXi lab. I was booting it off a 4GB USB thumb drive and I wasn't going to change anything about that. In the true spirit of being smarter than the rest, […]

Homelab – The All-in-Onster – Part I

Foreword Readers who happen to know me may know that I have been in the lab game for some time now but only fairly recently made a serious contribution to my power bill by kitting out a 19" rack mount server with a couple of CPUs, a dozen or so memory sticks and a 4 […]

Synology Diskstation Custom Packages Repo: Running Debian on Diskstation

Intro Lots of us are running Synology NAS devices at home to use with our home labs or as file/media servers. Synology NAS devices come with a management interface which is called Diskstation which provides an overview of configuration settings and a number of preinstalled packages. There is also a Synology app store that allows […]

vSphere Home Lab v1.1 – Configuration

   Home Lab v1.1 This has been long due but now finally a post on my home lab configuration. I have been collecting and putting pieces together as they become available to me and my lab is “Infrastructure in Motion” as I would call it: I constantly update and change things as I go. For […]

Product review: HP Virtualization Performance Viewer

What’s been happening? Been a couple of extremely busy weeks for me both travelling and on the job. I am in the middle of a massive vSphere 5.1 automation project that is grabbing most of my time and on top of that I am studying for VCAP-DCA 5 but I still found a little bit of […]

Pernixdata beta program

Had a great long weekend diving in the Philippines and just got back to Singapore yesterday and waiting for me in my mailbox were my credentials for the download of the Pernixdata  beta program. For the people that haven’t been following the virtualization news lately: Pernixdata is a company that developed a product that allows for the […]

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