DOCKER HOME LAB | Affect container with Dockerfile

In the last post we learned how to use Dockerfiles to automate the build process of making contain images. Now were going to see how we can use Dockerfiles to affect containers beyond the file system. CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO JUMP TO THE POST OF THE THIS SERIES:  DOCKER HOME LAB | Where […]

DOCKER HOME LAB | Building containers with Dockerfile

In the previous post we looked at managing, finding and working with containers. In this post we will be learning how to programmatically make or build container images using dockerfile. CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO JUMP TO THE POST OF THE THIS SERIES:  DOCKER HOME LAB | Where to Start ? DOCKER HOME LAB […]

DOCKER HOME LAB | Using Finding Sharing Docker containers

In the previous post we saw how to create our own containers images. In this post I will show you how to share them with the world which also makes it convenient for you to access them from other host. CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO JUMP TO THE POST OF THE THIS SERIES:  DOCKER […]

Docker Home Lab | Commit changes to a Docker container

Commit changes to Docker containers In our previous post we learned how to start and manage containers. You may have noticed every time that we run a container it is started from the same point or image, none of our changes to the file system stayed with that image. CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO […]

Docker Home Lab | Managing Containers

Managing Docker Containers In the previous post we saw a number of ways to create and starts containers. Once you started them, there are various command you have to manage them. You were already introduced to a few, but let’s look to some more of them CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO JUMP TO THE […]

Infrastructure as Code! or Composable Infrastructure

Infrastructure as Code! In this initial post about composable infrastructure, I will set the concept around  "infrastructure as code", and in a subsequent post, we will implement a basic example revisiting our DevOps sections to create a compossable infrastructure utilizing Chef and Docker!  so… what is Composable Infrastrucure ? Is all about speed, agility, and time to value. When you think in […]

Docker Home Lab!

Where to star with Docker ? The idea of this series of post, is to facilitate the first steps to start with Docker, from build a vagrant VM where we will install docker server, run a simple container and slowly move to more advance topics. Sit Back, open your terminal, Relax and Enjoy the Flight… CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO JUMP […]

6 Node GlusterFS cluster and dd

Quick and dirty geek post today! Just for Benjamin who was eager to see how I killed my Laptop! 🙂 In the aforementioned laptop disaster I had build 6 CentOS VMs with 2GB RAM each in Virtualbox. The laptop itself sports a modest 8GB of main memory. While I built the VMs and set up GlusterFS all […]

Homelab – The All-in-Onster Part IV – Docker and KVM

Foreword Today's post will be short and snappy, lots of code, little boring text. I will just be installing KVM and Docker, marry both with our ZFS installation and run a quick test on each just to make sure everything works as expected.

DevOps in 30 min. Ansible

Introduction Ansible is simple, has a very low learning curve, and is just pleasant and intuitive to use. You don’t have to install a client or anything special on the children nodes (assuming they have Python 2.6 or greater installed – which most popular Linux distros do), so you can be up and running nearly […]

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