QNAP TS 451+ and virtual machines – Virtualization Station

Introduction I recently bought a TS 451+ with 4 Hitachi NAS drives for a reasonable price at Sim Lim. Took me a few days to transfer all content from the old to the new box and set up everything the way I like (Plex for LAN media streaming, PhotoStation, iTunes server, the usual suspects). One of […]

6 Node GlusterFS cluster and dd

Quick and dirty geek post today! Just for Benjamin who was eager to see how I killed my Laptop! 🙂 In the aforementioned laptop disaster I had build 6 CentOS VMs with 2GB RAM each in Virtualbox. The laptop itself sports a modest 8GB of main memory. While I built the VMs and set up GlusterFS all […]

Homelab – The All-in-Onster Part IV – Docker and KVM

Foreword Today's post will be short and snappy, lots of code, little boring text. I will just be installing KVM and Docker, marry both with our ZFS installation and run a quick test on each just to make sure everything works as expected.

Homelab – The All-in-Onster – Part III – ZFS

Foreword For some time now I have been fascinated with the abilities of ZFS. In the recent past I had been using FreeNAS as a virtual file server to speed up my VM storage access. Despite running on pretty much ancient hardware and really slow SATA disks, it performed really well. This was largely due […]

Homelab – The All-in-Onster – Part II – Build Time

Foreword or "Frequent failures make you a humble man"   And so it begins. The basic lab hardware has not changed from the old ESXi lab. I was booting it off a 4GB USB thumb drive and I wasn't going to change anything about that. In the true spirit of being smarter than the rest, […]

Homelab – The All-in-Onster – Part I

Foreword Readers who happen to know me may know that I have been in the lab game for some time now but only fairly recently made a serious contribution to my power bill by kitting out a 19" rack mount server with a couple of CPUs, a dozen or so memory sticks and a 4 […]

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