DOCKER HOME LAB | Affect container with Dockerfile

In the last post we learned how to use Dockerfiles to automate the build process of making contain images. Now were going to see how we can use Dockerfiles to affect containers beyond the file system. CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO JUMP TO THE POST OF THE THIS SERIES:  DOCKER HOME LAB | Where […]

DOCKER HOME LAB | Building containers with Dockerfile

In the previous post we looked at managing, finding and working with containers. In this post we will be learning how to programmatically make or build container images using dockerfile. CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO JUMP TO THE POST OF THE THIS SERIES:  DOCKER HOME LAB | Where to Start ? DOCKER HOME LAB […]

DOCKER HOME LAB | Using Finding Sharing Docker containers

In the previous post we saw how to create our own containers images. In this post I will show you how to share them with the world which also makes it convenient for you to access them from other host. CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO JUMP TO THE POST OF THE THIS SERIES:  DOCKER […]

Docker Home Lab | Commit changes to a Docker container

Commit changes to Docker containers In our previous post we learned how to start and manage containers. You may have noticed every time that we run a container it is started from the same point or image, none of our changes to the file system stayed with that image. CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO […]

Docker Home Lab | Managing Containers

Managing Docker Containers In the previous post we saw a number of ways to create and starts containers. Once you started them, there are various command you have to manage them. You were already introduced to a few, but let’s look to some more of them CLICK IN THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO JUMP TO THE […]

QNAP TS 451+ and virtual machines – Virtualization Station

Introduction I recently bought a TS 451+ with 4 Hitachi NAS drives for a reasonable price at Sim Lim. Took me a few days to transfer all content from the old to the new box and set up everything the way I like (Plex for LAN media streaming, PhotoStation, iTunes server, the usual suspects). One of […]

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas: VMworld 2016!

VMworld 2016: We can’t stop here, this is bat country! It’s that time again! VMworld 2016 is coming closer and changed venue: we are going to Bat Country aka Las Vegas! Something new for me this year: as a vExpert VMware asked me as one of the official independent bloggers. Pretty stoked with being able to […]

2012 Linkedin data breach exposes 100 million Linkedin accounts

2016-05-27: Linkedin reveals user data exposure was bigger than predicted after 2012 data breach Last Wednesday Linkedin made a surprise announcement that hit the online security community like a bomb. If you think it couldn’t get worse after the 2012 Linkedin hack which exposed approximately 6,5 million users. The crew responsible for the initial attack had […]

Pure live: accelerate possible

If you can spare half a workday and can convince your boss to get educated on the next generation of converged infrastructure I would strongly encourage you to attend this event. If not for the technology it is also an excellent opportunity to network with your peers and meet some of the smart heads from Pure who flew in from the US. Have fun!

VIRTUALB.EU VMWARE 6.2 UPDATE SERIES 2: From vSphere Virtual Switch to NSX 6.2 Part 1

A little bit of VMware virtual networking history Virtual networking has come a long way. Started off with VMware workstation 1.0 to GSX and ESX a brief interlude on ESXi and finally landing on a control plane on the vCenter. With the coming of NSX VMware has taken this even further and distributed the components […]

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