2012 Linkedin data breach exposes 100 million Linkedin accounts

2016-05-27: Linkedin reveals user data exposure was bigger than predicted after 2012 data breach Last Wednesday Linkedin made a surprise announcement that hit the online security community like a bomb. If you think it couldn't get worse after the 2012 Linkedin hack which exposed approximately 6,5 million users. The crew responsible for the initial attack had a hidden card up their sleeve... … [Read more...]

Pure live: accelerate possible

Pure Storage is coming to show you what's next in all-flash storage technology. As most of you know I have been working for Pure for 2 years now as virtualizaton architect for the past 2 years. I never mention much about Pure as a company on this blog. Reason for this: this is a technology blog that has always been reviewing products from dfferent vendors and we will keep doing so. Best example I guess is that my HP counterpart in Singapore is blogging on here too. That being said if I see something interesting happening at Pure (what happens all the time) and I am allowerd to talk about it (what nearly ever happens) I don’t belive its unethical to highlight it. I would do the same for any other company,. Feel free to comment if you disagree, its a thin line. I realize that but I write about my passion and that is technology, not politics. … [Read more...]

VIRTUALB.EU VMWARE 6.2 UPDATE SERIES 2: From vSphere Virtual Switch to NSX 6.2 Part 1

A little bit of VMware virtual networking history Virtual networking has come a long way. Started off with VMware workstation 1.0 to GSX and ESX a brief interlude on ESXi and finally landing on a control plane on the vCenter. With the coming of NSX VMware has taken this even further and distributed the components out of the vCenter and out of the virtual and physical datacenter. But before we go to the enhancements in NSX 6.2 let’s rewind back to the good old days and start with the birth of the virtual switch aka the vSwitch. The first iteration: the vSphere Standard vSwitch (vSS) The first virtual switch was just a port of a normal network switch as we know with the control plane placed on the ESX(i) server. Most of the intelligence as we know it of normal switches was taken out of it (port QoS, etc) and a simplified switch was created. It’s main function was to create a virtual network with a dual function: Interconnect Virtual … [Read more...]

Singapore vmug meeting: coming 5th May at Novotel Clark Quay;may the force be with you

Just a quick post to remind all vGeeks we will be talking large VDI deployments with VMware View on the upcoming Singapore VMUG at the Novotel Clark Quay coming Thursday 5th May 6:30PM onwards. The community session will focus on the caveats when rolling out a big desktop replacement with virtual desktops both from a technical, operational and organizational point of view. If you or your company are looking at VDI this or next year come learn from your peers, how they did it and what the caveats are you need to be careful off when undertaking such a big organizational change. … [Read more...]

Virtualb.eu VMware 6.2 Updates Series 1 – vSphere Key Feature overview

It's been a little while ago that VMware announced vSphere 6.2 and I as I was busy I followed the news on the sideline. The well know bloggers made their mandatory posts. All is good and the product has an awesome new feature set. The usual VMware release cycle seems to have changed a bit with longer waits between version upgrades and more subversions. Let's hope this will solve the bugability (thx E1) of initial vSphere releases and we can just move to the GA versions directly in the future. In this series of articles I am going to take a deeper look under this release and try to figure out where VMware is heading with vSphere and what the enhancements are that are focused on product enhancement and the ones that will actually have an immediate impact on the user experience. … [Read more...]

Infrastructure as Code! or Composable Infrastructure

Infrastructure as Code! In this initial post about composable infrastructure, I will set the concept around  "infrastructure as code", and in a subsequent post, we will implement a basic example revisiting our DevOps sections to create a compossable infrastructure utilizing Chef and Docker!  so... what is Composable Infrastrucure ? Is all about speed, agility, and time to value. When you think in a workload centric approach and the challenges that companies have today on how to deliver services quickly. Companies have mixed workloads, and the cloud have opened the door to many people to do things differently, and many companies also want to maintain the control, because of the data and security compliance. Composable infrastructure enable companies to implement cloud on premise, still in the hybrid environment with a platform that give you flexibility. Basically composable … [Read more...]

Docker Home Lab!

Where to start with Docker ? The idea of this series of post, is to facilitate the first steps to start with Docker, from build a vagrant VM where we will install docker server, run a simple container and slowly move to more advance topics. Sit Back, open your terminal, Relax and Enjoy the Flight...  Setting up Docker inside a VM For ease of use, I will use Vagrant and VirtualBox to build the environment to explore Docker in our home lab! Once both software are installed in your laptop, create a directory where the VM files and project will be stored. In my case, I have created a docker folder inside my home directory. Once the directory is created, run the command vagrant init inside the new folder as shown here: vagrant init ubuntu/trusty64 - we will get an Ubuntu 14.04 image Now run the command vagrant up to download the image and start the … [Read more...]

Pure Storage’s commodity driven hardware = Pushing the cloud acceleration

A few years ago I had a weekly running routine here in Singapore with one of the senior execs of one of the storage giants who happened to be a good friend of mine. We found a nice 10k jungle track we regulary ran to stay in shape and in the mean time we disucessed trends in the IT industry. We are talking easily 3 to 4 years back which is a lifetime in IT. During one of our discussions we discussed the future of storage (this was way before hyper converged came out of stealth) and I remember him saying and I quote: "In the near future a storage device will be just a black box you plug in and you got a whole bunch of API's you use to control the thing" Fast forward 4 years. Did his prediction come through? So what is the answer, did his prediction come through? … [Read more...]

6 Node GlusterFS cluster and dd

Quick and dirty geek post today! Just for Benjamin who was eager to see how I killed my Laptop! :) In the aforementioned laptop disaster I had build 6 CentOS VMs with 2GB RAM each in Virtualbox. The laptop itself sports a modest 8GB of main memory. While I built the VMs and set up GlusterFS all was fine. When I ran dd to create a 2GB file full of zeroes I had expected some serious swapping but nothing more. I was in for a surprise when I was greeted with a black screen, an error message and shortly after that, a reboot! Either way, The All-In-Onster to the rescue!!! :D Apologies for the slight blur, this is my first screen capture, I had forgotten to enable Do-Not-Disturb and got various notifcations, I had to do some editing trickery! Not a master of said art, thus rather low video quality! :) … [Read more...]

Homelab – The All-in-Onster Part IV – Docker and KVM

Foreword Today's post will be short and snappy, lots of code, little boring text. I will just be installing KVM and Docker, marry both with our ZFS installation and run a quick test on each just to make sure everything works as expected. … [Read more...]